We create integrated solutions for metal-consuming sectors of economy providing the best quality of service that leads to mutual successful development. We strive for leadership in all spheres of our activity and in all regions of our presence.
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The Steel-Industrial Company's Profile
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The Steel-Industrial Company's Profile

Steel Industrial Company (SIC) is one of the major independent companies supplying rolled metal products to the Russian market and the CIS countries. The company is in wholesaling and retailing and is developing its own production, i.e. metal processing and section production.

Steel Industrial Company has been trading metal in Russia since 1991. Today SIC supplies metal items to the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan. Managing company is located in Yekaterinburg.

The company is based in Yekaterinburg with branches and representative offices in 49 cities of Russia. Since 2001 Steel Industrial Company is a member of the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers (RUMSS) and according to Forbes it ranks among the 200 major Russian companies.

The company employs 2340 people.

Steel Industrial Company accounts for 5% of the Russian metal consumption market.

Steel Industrial Company holds stocks of 250,000 tons of metal products of over 10,000 articles and standard sizes.

The company has 248,600 sq. m. of storage space, 108,000 of which is covered storage facilities, 136 industrial facilities, and 40 land sites.

The company owns a considerable part of its storage and office space.

Relative independence from suppliers enables the company to optimize its logistics and supply consignments to various regions as pools in order to minimize costs.

Since 2001 SIC
has been a member
of Russian Union
of Metal and Steel Suppliers.

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